Blue Lotus

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  • Blue Lotus is a rare exotic herb with relaxing properties. It is a popular addition to herbal blend.

Nymphaea caerulea

Also known as Blue Lotus, Blue water lily or Egyptian Lotus

🍃 Texture when dried
Large blue flowers with yellow stems
👅 Taste
Sweet and floral, hint of lemon - Can be earthy and bitter as a tea
❔ Usage
Smoking blends, teas, incense and aromatherapy
💨 Smoke
Moderate smoke
🗜 Harshness
⚡ Effects
Calming and relaxing herb
📖 Need More?

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blue water lily egyptian lotus

Our Product

🌾 Cultivation
🏕️ Origin
Sri Lanka


🥙 Blends with
Base herbs like Raspberry, Damiana, Mugwort, Mullein
⭐ Distinctive trait
Popular alternative herb with soothing and euphoric effects

Herbal Blends with Blue Lotus:

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Blue Lotus: Unveiling an Ancient Ally for Modern Wellness

The Blue Lotus, with its vibrant blue blooms, has captivated civilizations for millennia. Revered in ancient Egypt for its calming properties and potential for mindful exploration, it played a central role in their cultural tapestry. Today, this fascinating herb continues to offer enriching experiences for those seeking holistic wellbeing.

Discover the Essence of Relaxation:

Steeped as a tea, Blue Lotus offers a gentle embrace of tranquility. Its calming properties can help you unwind after a busy day, promoting a sense of peace and inner balance. Whether seeking a quiet moment of reflection or unwinding before sleep, this ancient ally can guide you towards inner serenity.

Explore the Realm of Mindful Exploration:

Blue Lotus, when consumed responsibly and legally, can unlock a unique realm of mindful exploration. Its potential euphoric effects may induce a gentle lift in mood and creativity, fostering a sense of connection with your inner self. Remember, responsible and mindful consumption is key.

Unveiling the Mysteries of a Timeless Herb:

Our Blue Lotus, sourced from the sun-drenched fields of Sri Lanka, is cultivated with care and respect for its natural heritage. We maintain rigorous testing practices to ensure purity and quality, delivering a product you can trust. Our UV-blocking pouches preserve the potency and aroma of this remarkable herb, allowing you to experience its essence in its purest form.

Whether you seek moments of relaxation, mindful exploration, or a connection to ancient traditions, Blue Lotus invites you to embark on a personalized journey of wellbeing. Remember, responsible and legal consumption is essential.

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Blue Lotus

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