This depressant has a firm green leaf that is easy to roll and blends well with many smoking mixtures.

Scutellaria lateriflora

Also referred as: American scullcap, skullcap, mad dog weed, madweed, and hoodwort.

🍃 Texture when dried
Bright green dried herbs
👅 Taste
Bitter, earthy taste with minty smell
❔ Usage
Smoking herb and sedative (tincture)
💨 Smoke
Moderate smoke
🗜 Harshness
⚡ Effects
Sedation, relaxation and improved mood
skullcap dried herbs isolated

Our Product

🌾 Cultivation
🏕️ Origin
United States


🥙 Blends with
⭐ Distinctive trait
Potent herb with sedative and anti-inflammatory qualities

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Skullcap – the sedative

Skullcap is a native North American perennial herb of the Lamiaceae (mint) family. It grows on wetlands, riverbanks, and marshes. Our skullcap is grown organically in the United States.
Skullcap is an herb that can be used to sedate people. It is also used as a calming agent for those with anxiety and panic disorders.

The name skullcap is derived from the shape of its calyxes, which resembles a cap or skull. The plant’s other common names are Scutellaria lateriflora, mad dog weed, madweed, American scullcap, and hoodwort.

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